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Coronet 4x4. Photograph gallery.

Titchfield Abbey, near Titchfield, Hampshire. The verticals are all leaning in quite dramatically, even though the camera was only moderately tilted. Focus is quite poor, and edge to edge definition is not very good, look at the leaves on the tree as they exit the frame compared to those closer to the middle of the frame.

Titchfield Abbey, near Titchfield, Hampshire

Titchfield Abbey, near Titchfield, Hampshire

The same location again, and was used for the pictures taken with the Coronet 4-4 mk II, for a reasonable comparison. I prefer this one in all respects.

The paddle steamer "Waverley". pulling out from Swanage Pier, Dorset, 3rd Sept. 2000. Straight into the setting sun, but some judicious printing delivered something approaching a result. "Waverley" was built in 1947 and when this picture was taken was fresh out of a major refit.

The paddle steamer Waverley
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