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Zeiss Ikon, Contessa LBE. Photograph gallery.

Old Post Box

Poppies near the village of Owlesbury

These two images are just to see if the rangefinder can get the focus spot on. Happily it works just fine. Although these two images date back to when this website was very young and were published as these small gif files, which hardly does the camera justice. Maybe time to give the Contessa another chance.
a red telephone         box There was a time when these bright red telephone boxes were to be seen all over the UK. They date from a time when few people had land lines and telephone in your pocket was an undreamed idea. The advent of the mobile phone has all but killed off the old red telephone box. This one has succumbed to progress too since this image was taken in 2002. In some villages you can adopt one, and maintain it is visual condition, even if the wiring to support the original function is long gone. Some have shelves and books to lend out, as a community library.

front end of the 1929 Golden Arrow land         speed record holder (231,ish mph)

The art of panel beating ably demonstrated by the 1929 Golden Arrow land speed record holder (231 mph). Displayed in the National Motor Museum, at Beaulieu, Hampshire. Just sitting there it looks like its moving that fast.

Below left, the equally gorgeous Bluebird CN7, held the Land Speed record briefly in 1964. Also at Beaulieu.

The river, Winchester, Hampshire.

gorgeous Bluebird

Door by river
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