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Zeiss Ikon, Contessa LBE. Photograph gallery.

I can never resist the temptation to try Rangefinder-Camera.htmls at the limit of their close up range. This Contessa behaved admirably, on the original negative the text on the collection card of this post box is clearly readable. This was taken at f/4, so the Tessar lens is standing the test of time.

Poppies near the village of Owlesbury
a red telephone         box

Poppies near the village of Owlesbury, Hampshire. One of my favorite cycling trips takes me past this field, having come down one of the best hills around, between the hedgerows which blur past just inches from your head.

There is something terribly English about a red telephone box in the countryside. For a while there was a policy of replacing them with more modern ones. Fortunately some of the old ones have been refurbished and retained. Long may they remain so.

front end of the 1929 Golden Arrow land         speed record holder (231,ish mph)

This is the utterly gorgeous front end of the 1929 Golden Arrow land speed record holder (231,ish mph). Displayed in the National Motor Museum, at Beaulieu, Hampshire. It's all I can do to resist the urge to jump over the barrier and start licking it!!

Below left, the equally gorgeous Bluebird, only rather more sensuous. Also at Beaulieu.

A little down the river from the picture taken with Ensign Ful-Vue Super, Winchester, Hampshire.

gorgeous Bluebird

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