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Columbia Optical Co, Pecto 1. Quarter plate camera. Photograph gallery.

Well, despite the somewhat disparaging remarks I have made regarding the construction of the Pecto 1, it did behave itself with two test plates, well almost. At right on 12/02/11 is Boldre Church in The New Forest, Hampshire. UK. Parts of the building date back to Norman times, though only a few arches from this period can be seen inside. Photographically, this was as far back as I could get with the Pecto, which was tripod mounted and exposed on the instant setting and mid stop. You can see from the long shadows that the sun wasn't at it's strongest. The reflective nature of the white stone has made the neg a little dense in that area, but it's an encouraging start.

Boldre Church

Bosham Mud

Bosham mud, 6th Feb. 2011. Tripod mounted and exposed for 2 seconds at f38. This image had to be cropped as light crept in and fogged the left edge, originally the sun was off centre. Given the limited shutter speeds and general low quality, the Pecto performs reasonably well.
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