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Canon, Demi, 35mm half frame camera, c1963

The Canon Demi, as the name suggests, is a half frame camera dating from c1963. Half frame cameras enjoyed a some popularity as they would take 70 images on one roll of 35mm frame. The term 'half frame' is really only applicable to still cameras, as movie cameras (for which the film was originally developed) use the film exactly the same way, it is 'normal' 35mm cameras that use the film contrary to that originally intended. The styling of this camera was quite novel for the time and some 40 odd years later still looks neat. Exposure control is via match needle and the aperture and infinitely variable shutter speeds are locked together based on the ASA of the film in use. They unlock when the B or flash shutter speed is used. The viewfinder is particularly nice with a bright crisp image with no internal reflections at all. This particular camera was rescued in January 2008 as a very mouldy wreck and rebuilt.

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Body No.809466
Shutter, step less between 30 and 250th sec., and B setting.
Lens, Canon S 50mm f/2.8
Condition, 5F

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During cleaning this Japanese script was found written inside the housing. This page originally had a request as to what it said, if anyone knew. Thanks to one Jeremy Ryder, we can now reveal it says 'frame scratched meter', er very enlightening.

Canon, Demi, 35mm half frame camera, c1963
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