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Butchers Carbine 122 (85 x 135mm) roll film camera, photograph gallery.

Aged image of WW1 tank

In view of this camera's history, I felt that it should try to photograph something appropriate. The opportunity arose at the June 2012 Bovingdon Tank Museum "Tankfest". They had recently acquired the film prop Mark IV tank used in the film "Warhorse" and these guys from the Great War Society kindly staged in front of it. Now, the Carbine didn't want to play and fogged this plate quite badly, in fairness it was out of the bag in bright sunlight for some time. The resulting negative was badly damaged, so the best thing was to give it the aged treatment.

Aged image of WW1 Mark 1 tank

The same tank but the previous day resulted in a less fogged plate, but the focus was off a bit, hence the second attempt, this image was beaten up a bit too. Ideally, I'd have liked a well focussed, fog free batch of images from this visit, but it was the camera's first outing, so I was pushing my luck somewhat.

The film was actually a sheet of 5 x 4" film taped into the back, and was a bit short for the format in truth, it also had to have a slither cut off one edge, and then developed open tank, as it no longer fitted any spirals, ah, the madness of it all.

The replica tank is surprisingly good, with much attention to detail. Comparing it to a genuine Mark IV in the museum reveals all but identical construction details. The power train is modern and the museum have acquired it in order to preserve the real one from the stresses of running.

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