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360° view of Butcher's Carbine Camera, see below for link to main page
Butchers Carbine 360 degree rotating image Butcher's Carbine, vintage camera - all round view at 10° intervals.

One of the problems associated with bellows folding cameras is the large pull from the bellows that tends to bend the lensboard back. This can be seen as this Carbine rotates side on. This "Butcher's Famous Carbine" was fitted with a plate back to supplement the roll film The plate carriers insert into rails in the back after the blanking plate has been removed. In this view, the blanking plate has been removed. The slightly tatty condition has been retained, as this camera is known to have been in World War 1, and it seemed inappropriate to restore it.

Start the image spinning by putting your cursor over the "Spin" side of the image, you can pause the animation in any position by touching the "Pause" side.



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