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Beier, Bierette Junior II, 35mm Camera

The Beirette Junior II is an inexpensive 35mm camera of West German manufacture. During the cleaning process on this camera the date of manufacture was found printed on the inside of the baseplate, rather precisely. 22nd August 1963.

Simple construction throughout, a plastic body with chrome plated components screwed on. Twin blade, self energising shutter with double exposure prevention. It is styled to make it appear more impressive than it really is. Interesting features are large shutter release button, hinged film pressure plate and removable hatch popped off by rotating lever. Its achilles heel is the harsh break off point on the self energising shutter, making it extremely difficult not to introduce "camera shake" into the images when used hand held.

Donated by Mr. L Dunford, Feb. 2001

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Beier, Bierette Junior II, 35mm Camera
Body No. Not marked
Shutter, speeds B, 30, 60 & 125th
Lens, Meritar 45mm f/2.9 Serial No.1384208
Condition, 5F

Cover AW



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