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Ensign Auto-range 220. Photograph gallery.

Not a massively auspicious start to this camera's new lease of life, as the slightly delicate bellows tore slightly and ruined just about every frame. What was salvaged by selective printing is reproduced here.

Just experimenting with the radial focus lever, it is quite quick in operation, and seems accurate enough.

Below at left, in decidedly murky conditions is a Chrysler Imperial staff car of WW2 vintage, this one for a two star general, according to the bumper. The tip of the light leak can just be seen in the bottom left corner.

The picture of the young lady playing the accordion was taken during a WW2 theme day on the preserved steam railway Watercress line, in Hampshire. Although tolerable this shot suffered a bit of camera shake as I was being pressed on all sides by crowds cramming the platform, desperately trying to get the shot off without too many modern intrusions. The shutter speed chosen was 50th and the lens set wide open at f/4.5 - it was dull and threatening to rain.

Chrysler         Imperial staff car of WW2 vintage young lady playing the accordion shot of the Stationmaster

Engine driver

Reasonably happy with the shot of the Stationmaster, above right, as it was made in a hurry, again a slow shutter speed was used to ensure that the train leaving the station was blurred and again the lens was wide open to make sure some detail was going to come out of the shadows and black waistcoat. The sleeve was a bit dense on the negative as a result and benefited from 'burning in' when the print was made. Fortunately the speed with which this shot was made ensured that the light leak didn't cause any appreciable damage before it was wound into the safety of the spool.

Final frame on the roll, from the same session.

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