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Yashica Atoron Electro c1970

The first Yashica Atoron appeared in the 1960s with the Japanese liking for Subminiature cameras. The Atoron makes 8 x 11mm frames. Whilst they have Minox pretentions, they aren't quite as small. The Earlier one were silver, but this facelift to black came about in the 1970s and introduced a few more plastic parts, but still very nicely made, amongst its quality attributes are a shifting viewfinder to account for parralax errors. Fully automatic shutter with exposure up to 8 seconds. They were also availabale in presentation cases, and these turn up fairly commonly. A number of name variants were also produced.

Body No.20300546
Shutter, Auto 8sec to 350th sec
Lens, 18mm f/2.8
Condition, 4F

Yashica Atoron Electro c1970
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