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Argus C3, 35mm camera. Photograph gallery.
A classic London Routemaster bus around the Houses of         Parliament

A classic London Routemaster bus around the Houses of Parliament. In use the Argus C3 is comparable with other rangefinder cameras with separate view windows. The edges of the frame are very poorly defined and the negative always has much more area than the viewfinder would have you believe. In this cropped image it would have been possible to get the top of the clock tower in too, as it was I had a whole lot of tarmac at the bottom instead. Clarity is good enough for day to day use if not perfect, but all the text on the bus is perfectly readable on the original picture.

Sadly the last Routemaster bus service was made on 9 December 2005, but a handful will serve on tourism duties.

sundial picture

Botley Manor Farm The Argus has a fairly small rangefinder base, but is accurate enough to focus down to the 3ft limit of the Cintar lens, used for the sundial picture.
Paris Metro Sign

The limited shutter speeds did mean that the shot at right of the Paris Metro Sign had to be taken at f/8, which gave more depth of field than I'd have liked. The inability to determine depth of field easily is a factor with all rangefinder cameras.

Is it me, but there is something very "War of the Worlds" going on with this Metro lamp.

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