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Argus A, 35mm camera. Photograph gallery.
Old Palace, Kuala Lumpur The Argus A is relatively simple to use, choose an aperture and shutter speed, compose, fire and wind on. There is no need to focus as this aspect is fixed. The camera is badly let down by the self energizing shutter which has a very harsh break off. I find it is slightly more controllable if the middle finger is used to fire the shutter rather than the index finger or just use a tripod of course. This photograph shows some detail on one of the towers of the old palace in Kuala Lumpur and has the distinction of being the first collection photograph of 2005, being taken on 1st Jan. Slightly more recent but again in Kuala Lumpur are the Petronas Towers, seen below. Taken at night in drizzle and without the benefit of a tripod, these two pictures were shot at roughly one second.
Petronas Towers Petronas Towers
old rotting rickshaw skulking in a Malaka The Malaysian theme is continued here with this old rotting rickshaw skulking in a Malaka house front. The tyres are interesting, being composed of cast iron teeth so even though the contraption is fitted with leaf springs, one imagines the ride was less than velvety.

Despite the primitive nature of the Argus A, it has performed quite well and will return reasonable results providing care is taken to avoid the camera shake pitfall.

Tai Chi is still widely practiced

Tai Chi is still widely practiced in the early morning or evening in Vietnam, as here overlooking a very misty Western Lake in Hanoi.

building in Sapa shrouded in low clouds House building in Napa shrouded in low clouds up in the mountains of Northern Vietnam.
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