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Agilux Agifold rangefinder results gallery
Reflections in River Itchen In use the Agifold is fairly straight forward, save for the need to use the rangefinder to find the distance then set it on the lens. In practice most distances can be guessed, only resorting to the rangefinder for critical focus like portraits. Here are some reflections in the river Itchen as it flows through Bitterne near Southampton. Reflections are significantly darker than the scene they reflect. Full frame.
Agifold Portrait The Agifold is well suited to snapshot portraits, the 90mm lens producing a pleasant short depth of field to isolate the subject from the background, being stopped to f/8 here, in weak winter sunlight. Clarity is fairly good for an unsophisticated anastigmat, focus was set using the rangefinder and the resulting negative would survive a sizeable enlargement. Although it can't be seen here, the Agifold has scratched the film quite badly, a problem that grew worse as the film neared the end. Full frame.
Salisbury Cathedral Salisbury Cathedral May 2021, from across the water meadows. A scene that has remained similar for centuries. The spire dominates the landscape for miles around and hopefully will continue to do so for a very long time. Fortunately you can't see the scratches at this scale. Full frame.
Salibury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral again from the Old Mill. The last frame from this film, the scratches became progressively deeper and can be seen cutting through the spire. Full frame.

The Agilux Agifold was a post war austerity Britain production and was good enough for its intended use, a camera for cash strapped British amateurs. A shame they persisted with using the in house Agilux anastigmats, when they might have produced a version with a Ross Xpress.

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