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Robot II, 35mm auto wind camera, results gallery

Robot II sequence strip

Despite the poor state of this Robot II's lens a film was put through it just to gauge the user's experience. There's no time to adjust for exposure variation, just set the exposure roughly where you think and blaze away. The frame spacing is quite tight, it's certainly a very efficient user of film. Here is a strip of five exposures representing about 8 seconds depicting a De Haviland Dash-8 Q400 of the, now defunct, Flybe landing at Eastleigh. The camera works, that's about all I can say. Given the state it arrived in, this is enough.

Robot comp From time to time I like to experiment with composite colour images. The Robot seemed like a good fit for this as I could get the shots off quickly, just changing the coloured filter between each exposure. Here is a strip of three through red, green and blue filters.
Robot Composite Colour image

The three positive images would traditionally be projected through their respective filters using three independent projectors and combined on screen. I effectively do the same thing but put each image into the correct RGB channel in photoshop, to produce the composite image at left. The results are usually very hit and miss. These ceramic poppies in my garden once adorned the Tower of London during the commemoration of those taken from us in World War 1.

Lest We Forget.


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