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Kodak Six-20 Model C folding roll film camera. Photograph gallery.

Two cyclists, standing with bikes

The Six-20 has always been a little disappointing from the results point of view, there doesn't appear to a problem with the camera as such, it just appears to produce results that are rather softer than I would expect. This picture was taken on a training ride out near King's Worthy, Hampshire, in 1996, using the cameras delayed release mechanism.

inside forward fuselage of a Supermarine Sea Lion flying boat

Inside the remains of the forward fuselage of a Supermarine Sea Lion flying boat. In fact rather older than the camera that took the picture, as the Sea Lion could have been built from 1919. This is in fact just a fragment of the aircraft, everything aft from this point is missing. However it nicely illustrates the construction of these lightweight aircraft structures. This exhibit, along with many others, can be seen in the Southampton Hall of Aviation.

Hotel near Bath

Hotel near Bath. Rather a lot of dust found a way into the camera. This is one disadvantage of opening large folding cameras,as a large volume of air needs to be sucked in to fill the bellows. This will draw in a certain amount of dust and disturb any already inside. Inevitably some of it will wind up on the film emulsion.
Church at Ashley, just East of King's Somborne, Hampshire Crossing ford with shiny new bicycle Southampton Common

St. Mary's Church at Ashley, just East of King's Somborne, Hampshire. August 1997.

Crossing ford with shiny new bicycle, and determined to keep it that way. July 1997.

Southampton Common.

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