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R.F. Hunter, Hunter 35, 35mm viewfinder camera, c1958

The English company of R.F. Hunter " re-badged" German Steiner Steinette. It was also available from Steiner under the name Brelland. In Hunter 35 form the camera is identical to both except for the stamping on the boxy pressed lens mount. Simple construction centred on a "Bakelite" plastic chassis, around which is wrapped the aluminium shell with pressed steel front and top. The shutter used appears to be an unmarked Vario, common of the period. Wind on is a simple turret with frame advance in half a rotation, There is no metering of the amount of film passing the film gate, and there are no sprocket wheels, to complicate the bottom loading this camera employs.

R.F. Hunter, Hunter 35, 35mm viewfinder camera, c1958

Body No.N/a
Shutter, Vario, speeds B, 25, 50 & 100th
Lens, Steiner Bayreuth 45mm f/3.5
Condition, 6F

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