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Finetta-Werk (Saraber/Goslar) Finetta 88, 35mm Camera, c1953

The Finetta 88 is attractively styled camera based on an aluminium chassis, a product of the short lived West German Finetta -Werk company based in Goslar. The back is a riveted assembly from thin steel sheet, forming both the back and the base, held in place by a knurled knob that screws counterclockwise onto the camera. The top housing is a satin chromed steel pressing. This model has a fairly basic two blade shutter adjustable from B to 250th sec. Flash synchronisation will (in theory at least) be available at all speeds. Overall build quality is fairly good but the untreated aluminium knobs tend to dull and pit, unless well treated. The camera is a little unusual in that it has a bayonet fit interchangeable lens, the standard one is shown in the picture but a f/6.3, 70mm Tele-Finettar was available too. This example was donated in Jan 2006, requiring a deep clean and removal of dried grease from the shutter mechanism, but now works perfectly. The family resemblance to the earlier Finetta IV D, also in the collection, is undeniable, however there are few common components between them. It has been stated that the 88 is based on the 99, whilst this might be true in terms of styling, the bodies are completely different mechanically.

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Finetta-Werk (Saraber/Goslar) Finetta 88, 35mm Camera,       c1953

Body No.085570
Shutter, Finetta-Werk, speeds B, 25, 50, 100 & 250th
Lens, Finetar, 45mm f/2.8
Condition, 5F

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