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Ensign, Ful Vue 120 roll film camera, c1948?

Ensign Ful Vue camera modified to produce - this, all the cuteness of the original Ful Vue with a screw focus lens, flash synch and tripod bush. The construction method is similar to the earlier model. A folded steel strip is formed to provide the main shell, with a folded seam at the junction, Two pressed steel sides, one spot welded in place, whilst the other remains removable to gain access to the film chamber. The reflex viewer housing is a die cast metal unit held in place by a slotted spring steel strip, easily removed to allow the viewfinder optics to be cleaned, no screws being used, everything is held in place with one neatly arranged spring. The film transport holder comes out as a whole folded and spot welded steel assembly. The whole body is finished in wrinkle paint and though the black ones are common, they were also available in a range of colours too. It's a unique and instantly recognizable design.

Be cautious if buying coloured examples, there's a small cottage industry re finishing black examples as red, blue or green versions.

Ensign, Ful Vue camera, c1948

No body serial numbers.
Shutter, Over centre, self energizing type.
Lens, f=75mm.
Condition, 5F

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