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Vintage direct view cameras.

Over a distance of 3 metres or 10ft, focus accuracy tends to be less critical, and this lead to the direct view camera. Now, Direct View Camera is the term we use to catagorize cameras that use some kind of viewfinder to observe the subject directly, it's not an recognized term. We've elected to do this because it's this camera arrangement dictates it's use and is arguably of greater importance than, say, because it may fold too. The direct view camera gives the photographer a means to directly view the scene, either through a wire frame, a fore/back sight or a arrangement with lenses to judge what is in frame. Focus, if it was possible at all would have been set against a scale, aperture and speed controls could similarly be pre set if fitted, the majority of direct view cameras are thus fitted. This went a long way to solving the immediacy issues that photographers sought. So well in fact that thousands of different designs proliferated, making this the largest segment by far, somewhat helped by the fact that with few complexities these cameras tended to be affordable. The only drawbacks were the inability to directly judge depth of field and difficult focus control below 10ft. The former could be solved using a scale frequently supplied on the camera and the latter with a separate rangefinder accessory or a measuring tape for the keenest direct view camera advocates. Given the longevity of the direct view camera there are many variations, metal, plastic, different formats, some folding, some collapsing, fixed focus, fully adjustable, cheap or beautifully refined - the direct view camera has it all.

Those in the LICM collection are listed here in date order, starting with the oldest.


Thumbnail CameraRichards, Verascope stereoscopic camera, c1915
Primarily a stereoscopic camera, it is also a direct view camera.
Thumbnail CameraZeiss Ikonta model A 520, 120 roll film camera, c1933
Thumbnail CameraEnsign, Midget folding roll film camera, c1934
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Retina 117, 35mm folding camera 1934
Thumbnail CameraArgus A, 35mm camera, c1936
Thumbnail CameraCerto Dollina 1, folding 35mm camera, c1936
Thumbnail CameraBerning, Robot II, 35mm clockwork advance viewfinder camera, c1938
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Brownie Six-16, roll film camera, c1938
Thumbnail CameraUniversal, Mercury II half frame 35mm camera, c1945
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Retina II (type 011), 35mm folding camera 1946 -1949
Thumbnail CameraFinetta-Werk (Saraber/Goslar) Finetta IV D, 35mm Camera, c1949
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Pony 135, 35mm camera, c1950
Thumbnail CameraSanwa Mycro IIIA subminiature camera, c1950
Thumbnail CameraFinetta-Werk (Saraber) Finetta 88, 35mm Camera, c1953
Thumbnail CameraIlford, Advocate II, 35mm wide angle camera, c1953
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Brownie 127 roll film camera, c1953
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Retinette 022, 35mm, c1954
Thumbnail CameraBraun Paxette II 35mm camera, c1954
Thumbnail CameraVoigtländer Vito B - Bright finder, 35mm camera, c1954
Thumbnail CameraVoigtländer Vito B, 35mm camera, c1954
Thumbnail CameraZeiss Ikon, Contina 1d, 35mm Camera, c1956
Thumbnail CameraFujifilm, Automagic 35, 35mm direct view camera, c1958
Thumbnail CameraR.F. Hunter, Hunter 35, 35mm viewfinder camera, c1958
Thumbnail CameraRegula, Mastra V35, 35mm camera, c1958
Thumbnail CameraWilliamson F117A Aerial Camera, c1958
Thumbnail CameraCoronet 4-4 mark II, 1960's
Thumbnail CameraKMZ , FT-2, 35mm Panoramic camera, c1960
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Bantam Colorsnap, 828 roll film, c1960
Thumbnail CameraHaking Halina Paulette, c1960s
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Colorsnap 35, c1962
Thumbnail CameraMinolta, Repo, 35mm half frame camera, c1962
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Instamatics, c1963+
Thumbnail CameraBeier, Beirette Junior II, 35mm camera, c1963
Thumbnail CameraCanon, Demi, 35mm half frame camera, c1963
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Retinette 1B (type 037) c1963
Thumbnail CameraMinolta 16 E.E, 16mm Camera, c1963
Thumbnail CameraHaking, Halina 35X Super, 35mm viewfinder camera, c1964
Thumbnail CameraCarl Zeiss Jena, Werra 1e, 35mm viewfinder camera, c1965
Thumbnail CameraOlympus Trip 35, 35mm camera, c1968
Thumbnail CameraYashica Atoron Electro, c1970
Thumbnail CameraRollei, B35, 35mm camera, c1970
Thumbnail CameraLomo, Smena Symbol, 35mm film viewfinder camera, c1970s
Thumbnail CameraRollei, 35 S, 35mm viewfinder camera, c1976
Thumbnail CameraKodak, Ektra 22-EF, 110 cassette film camera, c1978
Thumbnail CameraMinolta Hi-Matic S, 35mm viewfinder camera, c1978
Thumbnail CameraRicoh Auto Half EF2, 35mm half frame camera, c1979
Thumbnail CameraCanon, AF35ML 35mm autofocus viewfinder camera, c1981
Thumbnail CameraMinolta, Vectis 40 APS camera, c1996

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