A short tale by Keith South.

Book Cover, Of Our Own Demise THERE IS NO GOD

Religion is invention, born of ignorance, to explain the unfathomable.

But... what if I'm wrong?

A short, not remotely serious, tale of an atheist in a world where the existence of God is not an act of faith, just a matter of fact.
But, there's a catch.

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All funds raised will go to the Living Image Camera Museum film and processing fund. The LICM will get around $0.25 for every sale of the digital book and $0.80 for the paperback version.
Running the LICM website is expensive. I've given out information freely for 20 years, to over 2 million visitors. I'm now out of work and on the run! This is a straight forward request, please buy this short tale, I'm not asking for a donation. Although a sickeningly sycophantic review on Amazon would be most appreciated. But don't reveal the tale, it's a story best taken in without fore knowledge.


"A quirkey and strangely compelling little book! It gave me reason to think, which means it's a step up from quite a lot of self published material."

A. J. Smith, February 2018