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Richards, Verascope - Magazine

2. Magazine.

The magazine is removable and were available in two types, for glass plates or 127 roll film, which gives 4 stereo pairs. These days the easiest option is the roll film, although by packing out the plate carriers with 32nd inch ply and cutting 5 x 4" film down, the plate carriers can be used. The latter method gives a certain amount of satisfaction, but is rather fiddly!

When loaded, either magazine should have the darkslide in place until ready to take the picture.

When loading with 127 roll film, the lock (4) needs to be in the position marked "Libre" with L in the square window - this unlocks the capstan wheel (5) which rotates the take up spool. Having loaded the film, wind it on to bring the first frame into the gate. Since this is a stereo camera, use the following order when advancing film, First Pair = Frame Number 2, Second Pair = Frame Number 5, Third Pair = Frame Number 8 and Fourth Pair = Frame Number 11.

Having finished winding on, the lock should be returned to the position marked "Bloque", and moved to "libre" at the completion of each exposure in order to advance the next frame.

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