Velocette MAC (1951 Model) Sold 21st January 2014


largely original Velocette MAC. Engine and Frame number correct and confirmed by VOC. This is one of the very last Iron headed MACs, possible the eighth to last in fact. It has the reliable Veloce sprung forks as opposed to the slightly dodgey Dowty's. The bike was restored in the mid 1990s by a gentleman near Peterborough, from whom I bought the bike in 2008. It had been stored un-run since restoration and needed a bit of fettling.

Not really a period shot, but one of the reasons the bike was acqured to use as set dressing. I have always ridden the bike in appropriate period gear.
Same again!
You see, it does run. Actually it was far too hot to be wearing this original 1943 Irvin Jacket.
Good old Smiths Speedo... it works perfectly.'s been recovered, but all the metalwork is original.
Back and front ends match! The original metal front number plate is retained, please be careful around pedestrians.
Original Miller headlight

The eigth to last Iron Headed MAC engine built. The iron head looks much better to my eyes.... the aluminium head looks just plain wrong in a rigid frame.

Yep, that's oil. But the nothing compared to the oil the bike blows out through the main bearing, as the design predates such things as bearing seals and sump breather pipes. So any oil splashing around inside the sump and unlucky to be passing by the main bearing gets pushed through as the piston descends. From here it spins off the primary drive and keeps the primary chain lubricated, when the primary chain case is splashing nicely, the oil finally escapes onto the final drive chain and keeps that lubricated perfectly... it's an early version of the Scott Oiler! Whether thi sis a happy accident or by design, I don't know.... but the result is a perfectly moistened final drive.

The period helmet, this is also up fo sale elsewhere, as my vintage biking days are over.

The helmet ( a Cromwell Protector) sold at auction and went to Italy for a bargain £78

The Mk8 Goggles went to France for £18

Gloves wnt for £12

and the original 1943 Irvin Jacket went for £360


The bike has gone to a new home in Nottingham....e-Mail me .


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