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Rollei 35 S, 35mm viewfinder camera, sample images

Zurich Tram - Schnellaufer, No.1018

The Zurich tram system has operated a number of historic trams over the years, including this Schnellaufer, No.1018 built around 1928. As originally constructed it would have had more angular lines, but some were modified to this smoother appearance during their operational lives. No. 1016 was painted Gold and Named "Goldtimer", clearly the same treatment has been given to 1018, which was photographed with the Rollei on 23rd October 1982. Apparently it survives to this day.

There's a bit of blur on this image, caused by the movement of the tram coupled with a relatively long exposure, and focussed just a tad long.

Folkestone Harbour, April 1984

Folkestone Harbour, April 1984.

FE137 (Helen Ann Marie), FE44 (Vassoy) are now decommissioned apparently. FE73, for which I cannot find a name, sprouted a wheelhouse by 1992, but it's status is unknown.

The Rollei seems to have performed reasonably well here, but I feel that the images are a bit soft.

Stenna Lines ferry funnel

Ala Tau Mountains, Kyrgyzstan

The Rollei can produce sharp images, it just needs to be held rock steady, The image at left is a rather graphic image of a Stenna Lines ferry funnel, during a crossing to Belfast,

Whilst the mountains are in Kyrgyzstan, part of the Tian Shan range, as are those below.

Stream in Ala Tau Mountains, Kyrgyzstan

Melt water stream in Ala Tau Mountains, Kyrgyzstan

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