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Pentacon, Praktica LTL3 35mm SLR. Photograph gallery.
Fireworks Fireworks, multi exposure Firework displays are always a favourite to photograph. It's an efficient means of wasting film too. My preferred technique is to set the camera up on a tripod with the shutter open at around f/11, keeping the lens covered with black card until something interesting happens, uncover the lens for a second or so then replace the card until something good happens again. This way several fireworks can be captured on one frame. Overdo it though and the picture will be bleached out. Transparency film is best for these antics too. The problem with this method is the inability to see what is in frame, you just have to guess. These were with the Flecktagon lens and Kodachrome 200 Select and was taken in November 2001, the right hand picture represents about 30 seconds of the display, but the actual exposure time was much less.

Lady Clara

Tudor castle at Herstmanceaux

The Tudor castle at Herstmanceaux, August 2003. The converging verticals are a feature of all cameras without lens rise.

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