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Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SP, 35mm SLR. Photograph gallery.

The donation of this camera was all the more wonderful as it came with a Takumar 105mm telephoto and close up bellows as well as a box of other interesting accessories. Extreme close up photography was something I had never really tried., so this donation supplied the perfect excuse. So at right we have this hover fly taken with the 105mm, racked out a fair way on the bellows and tripod mounted, it was a bit breezy - so maybe this accounts for the slightly softer result than I had hoped... but it's certainly colourful.

The two images below replicated the setup but hand held to see if this was possible, actually I was laid flat face down in the mud with my elbows acting as a duo pod. None of these images are cropped and unusually for me were shot on Agfa stock, time expired it was going cheap!

hover fly taken with the 105mm

Russian Soldiers beneath Stalingrad...
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