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Nagel, Recomar 18, 6 X 9cm plate view camera, c1931

A lovely little Recomar 18 plate view camera from Nagel, no model name is marked - just the number 18 on the carrying handle. Aside from the No.18 Recomar, there was also a larger No. 33 quarter plate version. The camera features rise/fall and cross movements on the lensboard and double extension bellows allow one to one reproduction on the negative. Although technically a "view" camera. ie. the image is inspected for focus on a ground glass screen, the camera is also fitted with a wire frame finder and a waist level finder to allow use without a tripod. Glass plate usage persisted well into the 30s and 40s despite the widespread use of roll film by this time. These cameras could be used either with plates or with roll film adapters, the smaller of the two camera's is convenient in this respect as it will accept 120 roll film adapters and our example is thus used. Despite the perceived wisdom that Nagel cameras were precision and well made instruments, they often have quirky oversights. Although a "serious" view camera, this version of the Recomar is almost impossible to use with an antinous (cable) release as it fouls the lensboard supports. Oh well, nobody's perfect. However Kodak thought sufficient of the two models to continue with them after the acquisition of Nagel, and the Stuttgart factory continued to produce them until it was taken over for munitions production.

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Nagel, Recomar 18, 6 X 9cm plate view camera, c1931
Body No. 7018
Shutter, Dial set Compur, serial 510627, T, B, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 & 250th sec
Lens, Dr. August Nagel, Nagel-Doppel Anastigmat No.233702 - f/4.5, 105mm
Condition, 5F
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