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A very time expired roll of XP2 was discovered in the 'fridge and was put into the Leica for it's first test roll. Decidedly past its best, it did at least prove that he camera itself was set up about right. This image has been coloured artificially post process.

Aerial view, Houses of Parliament

This camera was built in February 1938 and found it's way into the hands of a US Army Officer sometime towards the end of WW2. Its subsequent history is lost unfortunately. After we rescued it and returned it to working order, it was felt a shoot to mimic its earlier history was in order. The appropriate scene was discovered at a "War on the Line" day at the Watercress preserved steam railway in Hampshire. These scenes recreated here by local historic vehicle owners.


WW2 trucks

A very hurried shot taken between lots of very un-period attired people! Always a a problem when you are attempting to produce a date ambiguous image!! However, the Leica proved quick and easy to set up and focus and despite years of neglect before we got our hands on it, no serious problems needed solving, just a good thorough clean.

Time for something a little more colourful, a Husky.. which I believe is a somewhat beefed up Piper Cub. This Swiss registered example in its radiant red scheme basks in the sunlight at my favourite airstrip in Southern England, Popham.

airstrip in Southern England

West Lake in Hanoi

West Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam. Taken in February 2010.



At right, the Tet celebration flower displays are prepared on the edge of Central Lake, also in Hanoi.

Tet celebration flower displays are prepared
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