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Kodak, No.3 Folding Pocket Kodak model G camera, image gallery
Bishops Waltham In the absence of available roll film, the only way to use the FPK is with sheet film. I created a black paper envelope to hold the film and blanked off the red widow, this will give you one attempt. So this is the first attempt with this camera, directly into sun, in March 2023. There was nothing of interest in the sky, being a clear day - so I elected to shoot the Bishop's Palace ruins at Bishops Waltham through the trees. Exposing for the shadows on a sheet of 9 x 12cm sheet gave me this. The tree in the middle distance shows a very dense black at the base then fades rapidly as it gets surrounded by light. The lens glass is very clean on this example, so I suspect it's still representative of its earlier days. It was handheld at 1/50th sec f/8. Although a bit of a work up, the camera is light tight and worth a further outing.
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