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360° view of Kodak_No2_Brownie-E, see below for link to main page
360 degree rotating image One of Kodak's Simple Box Brownies, vintage camera - all round view at 10° intervals.

This No.2 Brownie type E has been photographed with the film holder and transport mechanism removed and displayed outside, along with the last roll of film it took, a roll of 1950s Verichrome found inside. This camera is normally displayed as donated, uncleaned and with the undeveloped film still inside, at frame number 7. This Kodak is primarily wood, many kodak Brownies were made from thick card. It's worth comparing with our Agfa 44.

Start the image spinning by putting your cursor over the "Spin" side of the image, you can pause the animation in any position by touching the "Pause" side.



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