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Kodak, Brownie Special Six-16, roll film camera, c1938

The Brownie Special Six-16 is a trapezoidal all metal box camera, made in US and decidedly chunky into the bargain. It has a slightly curved film plane to offset some of the difficulties of edge to edge resolution. It is fixed aperture and fixed focus, but does have the added refinement of a close up lens that can be swung into place behind the lens which allows focus down to 6ft. Unusually for a box camera, it also comes with a shutter lock. There is a leg which swings down to serve as a rest to keep the camera level when placed on a surface for long exposures. Well that just about sums it up, but it has its own cute appeal which is how it found itself brought to England from its life long home in San Francisco. Nothing to do except clean it and make some film to go in it. An endearing feature is the way the entire shutter mechanism can be lifted out to clean the back of the lens.

Kodak, Brownie Six-16, roll film camera, c1938
Body No. Not numbered
Shutter, Simple rotary blade type, T and Instant
Lens, A chunky piece of glass, the efficacy of which has yet to be tested
Condition, 5F

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