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Kiev 4A, 35mm rangefinder camera. Photograph gallery.
Yak 52 detail
Yak 52 detail
Yak 52

This immaculate Russian Yak aeroplane seemed a suitable subject for the old Kiev, basking in the sun at Popham Airfield in Hampshire. UK. The rangefinder lived up to expectations and was extremely accurate. The camera still performs nicely even though it is a very well used example and somewhat neglected. Although not as refined as it's Contax ancestor, the shutter release is light and quiet but this example is a bit sluggish.

Overeposed image due sluggish shutter Yellow Scaffolding against blue sky Detail of moss on fence

The slightly sluggish shutter has resulted in two of these shots having problems, the left hand image appears misty whilst the middle image has a noticeably darker right edge, however both images were likely to punish such shortcomings and with things in its favour it's not visible, at right. The original is quite interesting with the colours of the moss, lichen and evening light, you can get some impression here but it doesn't quite do the old Kiev justice.

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