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KMZ (Krasnogorsk), FT-2, 35mm Panoramic camera. Sample images 5.

The camera is now sorted out, all the light leaks have been plugged. This is Salisbury Cathedral from the west as autumn settles in October 2007
Salisbury Cathedral from the west

Salisbury Cathedral, again from the west.

Salisbury Cathedral from the west

Two frames from the Tuscany trip, the Krasnogorsk has joined the regular army of cameras that go on trips as it is extremely useful and has proved reliable now that it has settled down. The top of these next two images shows a dark band, this is actually a bit of clipping from the body, rather than an inconsistency in the shutter movement, although if being very picky, a small amount of vertical banding can be seen on the images. The FT-2 delivered 12 out of 12 images on this outing. The top image is of Firenze whilst the lower is looking across the countryside to the South West of Sienna.

Across the river to Firenze


Three frames from a 2000ml motorcycle tour of the UK. Again the FT-2 excelled, returning 12 out of 12 frames. The biggest challenge I face with this camera is composition, I find it very hard to compose pleasing pictures. The first two images show the Roman Emperor Hadrian's attempt to keep the Scots out of conquered Roman Britain, a wall stretching right across the country. As originally built it would have been about three times higher than this. There are a lot of old stone built buildings in the vicinity of the wall, that have certain amount of Roman content...

The last picture is of a reconstructed Crannog, an early high status dwelling, this one based around an example of around 2600 year ago, but earlier ones up to 5000 years ago are reported. Click here for further information on Crannogs.

Hadrians Wall, panorama

Panoramic view of Hadrian's Wall


In September 2010, the FT-2 was taken for a 2000 mile motorcycle tour of Colorado and the Rocky Mountains,
very fortunately the Aspens were changing colour ...

Golden Aspens in Colorado

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