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KMZ (Krasnogorsk), FT-2, 35mm Panoramic camera. Sample images 4.
The FT-2 was lent out to go to Vietnam in May 2007, the volunteer received less than 5 minutes instruction on it's use and a piece of paper giving the exposure speeds with the waterhouse stop fitted. This is Ha Long Bay off Northern Vietnam, famous for it's thousands of small rocky outcrops.

 Ha Long Bay off Northern Vietnam

Ha Long Bay again, just a hint of the last light leak to be cured coming in at top left, this I suspect is actually coming through the back, so the felt seal will be replaced.

 Ha Long Bay off Northern Vietnam

This was a handy test, as it demonstrates the depth of field, the railings are just a shade too soft, but by the cabin it's acceptable, Ha Long Bay again.

 Ha Long Bay off Northern Vietnam

Oops, aiming a bit too low, didn't keep an eye on the spirit level. The FT-2 has permanently built in lens rise to give a greater weighting to what's above the horizon, even when mounted level - this will ensure that vertical remain parallel. However the FT-2 is not good at getting tall structures in. The Cao Dai temple in Southern Vietnam.

Cao Dai temple in Southern       Vietnam

Last here myself in February 2007, Angkor is my most special of places with many special memories, Sadly I don't expect to ever see it again, so the FT-2 made it's journey there in the hands of another. This is Angkor Wat, the temple mountain is behind us and we look as the causeway stretches back towards the libraries then in the far distance the outer wall, beyond which is the moat.

Angkor Wat, the temple mountain is behind us

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