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KMZ (Krasnogorsk), FT-2, 35mm Panoramic camera, results 2
Test film 2 through the FT-2 was exposed after a temporary 'waterhouse' stop was fitted, to help improve the clarity. This has proved reasonably successful, see samples here. The opportunity to test the camera with colour was also taken. As can be seen, despite fitting new light dams, the camera still leaks light badly. Below is a section of the cloisters at Salisbury Cathedral. This had to be double exposed in order to get a reasonable exposure, two shots of 50th sec. were used.


This image supplied the test sample that was compared to a similar sized piece of wall from the Tyneham shot on the previous page


Cathedral Close, Salisbury - note the delightful curve in what is actually a straight road. The light leak is very apparent...


Stonehenge of course, Wiltshire. Still enjoying the challenge of sorting this camera out.


Test film three introduced some improved light seals



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