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Kodak, Jiffy (series II), 620 roll film camera, c1937

Eastman Kodak (Rochester) built 620 roll film camera for eight 6 x 9cm negatives. The Jiffy is a budget camera but offering a little more control than a box camera. The lens has two position focus with the front element mounted in a screw barrel. Users exhibiting little lateral thinking could calibrate the focus a little more precisely and make their own marks around the lens ring. Three waterhouse stops are supplied on a captive pull out strip, no indication of the size is marked but they calculate out at f/26, f/19 and f/14. shutter speeds are limited to timed and instant. The Jiffy cameras all share a common design of catch to keep the back closed, whilst it succeeds at keeping the back tightly closed and is unlikely to open accidentally, it is subject to binding after a few years of inactivity. Consequently many are broken. This example spent a lifetime in Australia before being donated to the collection in April 2004 by Mrs. M. South. It was in sound but tatty condition and has emerged from the workshop after a deep clean and service. The shutter is mounted on a wooden chassis even though the rest of the camera is of metal construction. The self erecting mechanism is one of my favourites and results in a very rapid, easy and rigid extension.

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Kodak, Jiffy (series II), 620 roll film camera, c1937
Body No.N/a
Shutter, Kodak T & I
Lens, Twindar 105mm f/11
Condition, 5F

Cover AW



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