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Ensign, Ful Vue camera, c1946

Ensign Ful Vue, essentially a box camera, made from pressed metal, finished in black wrinkle paint. Cute though. 12, 6 x 6cm frames on 120 roll film, variable focus is achieved by pulling the lens out or pushing it back in. Since there are no graduations visible this is a somewhat hit or miss affair! However it adds greatly to the challenge of using it. The nicest feature is the brilliant finder, though it ought to be pointed out that this is a technical description of the viewfinder, not an appraisal. Aperture is fixed and the shutter speeds are restricted to instant or timed, definitely a camera for bright sunny days. A camera like this was my Mothers' first camera, oddly enough is was a parental bribe for passing exams, something that appears to have continued as a family trait.

Ensign, Ful Vue camera, c1946

Shutter, T and I.
Lens, f=75mm.
Condition, 6F

Please note that the 360 view is of the later version.

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