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Advertising Policy on the Living Image Vintage and Classic Camera Website
We are now looking for sponsors to take on one (or both) of two adverts each month, a wide banner space and a larger block.

The (336 x 280pix) advert repeats over 200 times throughout the site and base adverts (700 x 90 pix) repeat over 325 times. The repeating nature of the adverts ensure it will be seen a few times during an average visit, so they are good for brand awarness campaigns or where rapid saturation is required. Adverts will run for one calendar month preferably from the 1st, for a minimum of 28 days. Or, you can splash out and sponsor us for the year!

We welcome all photographic companies, materials or equipment, mobile phones who exhibit extraordinary photo quality, exhibitions, anything cultural or travel related, artists and photographers, history related links. Just ask if you are unsure.

Expressly forbidden are, Any form of gambling, fast food outlets, dieting, dating of any kind, cosmetic surgery, loans or financial services.

We can create the advert for you to proof, a minimum donation of £25 per month is invited. Your advertizing agency won't get out of its virtual bed for that.

If you are interested please contact us

As of 24 November 2013 we have discontinued Google advertising. The reason for this is that we were unable to comply with European regulations allowing you to opt out of cookies, as Google uses cookies to deliver the adverts.

We run some in line advertizing within the text of some pages of the collection's web site. We vet each advert in turn before allowing it to be published and hope that our visitors don't object. These in line adverts are paid to be inserted at a fixed rate, and do not attract funding on a per click basis. No cookies are used, they are simple hyperlinks. Any funds generated are directly used to maintain the collection.

Google adverts were included on the 'site as of 15th february 2011.

We are not paid to display the adverts, but receive a small fee for any that generate interest. In order for this to work, Google loads a cookie onto your machine, but The Living Image does not use any form of information gathering whatsoever. We simply aren't that clever! One benefit of the adverts has been the start of the spinning camera views, we are I believe the only private vintage camera site to be attempting this currently.

We have generally avoided the temptation to put adverts "in page", but have placed them at the bottom where they won't be too intrusive. We have also toned them down so they do not clash horribly with the site design... we really ought to be more mercenary.

The adverts that are displayed are beyond our control, Google does it's best to deliver adverts based on the page content... usually with pertinent results, but occasionally the link can appear tenuous. However we do stipulate that adverts of an adult nature are banned, as are all other sensitive subjects. The living Image Camera site is a lighthearted and child friendly site.

If you see any advert that you feel is inappropriate please contact us and report the page URL, if we can replicate the situation and concur, we will block it.

If you receive poor service from an advertizer on this site, again contact us, giving the details. If we agree, we will block the advertizer, we have no desire for our visitors to be disadvantaged because of a third party.

Google's own blurb is here.




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